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Aspire Faculty of Dentistry, Suez Canal University to achieve a leading position among faculties of Dentistry in our beloved Egypt and must be a graduate of this college has the knowledge and skill that can achieve the same and serve society and the ability to compete internationally, and be a graduate of the Faculty of heed place high in the area of Dental Science.

Faculty also wishes for to make progress in the field of scientific research, amounting to global status and achieve self-sufficiency for the Suez Canal and Sinai of dental services in all disciplines.

Our mission is to serve the society in Suez Canal area and Sinai by educating and training a diverse dentistry work force capable of meeting the country's need for dentists engaged in the practice of clinical dentistry, public health practice, dentistry education and dentistry health services researches. It can meet our responsibility to educate and train undergraduate & postgraduate students to generate highly competent dentists. The College ensures that our dentists acquire and possess the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed for dental practice.